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Moving workloads to the cloud as part of their digital transformation journey is high on priority for any business today


Businesses also need to make the right decision on the right partner who will support their cloud dreams


As businesses rethink operating models and working environments, they are leveraging technology at the core, bringing multiple devices, platforms and channels into play

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*COMPUTRT SERVICE -: virtual machines , infrastructure as a services (IaaS) allowing users to launch general-purpose Microsoft windows and Linux virtual machines, as well as preconfigured machine images for popular software packages.

*MOBILE SERVICE -: Mobile Engagement collects real-time analytics that highlight users’ Behavior. It also provides push notifications to mobile devices

*STORAGE SERVICE -: Storage Services provides REST and SDK APIs for storing and accessing data on the cloud.

*COMMUNICATION SERVICE -: Azure Communication Services offers an SDK for creating web and mobile communications applications that include SMS, video calling, VOIP and PSTN calling, and web based chat.

*MEDIA SERVICE -: A PaaS offering that can be used for encoding,content protection, streaming, or analystic.

Azure AI

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services are a set of prebuilt APIs, SDKs and customizable services for developers, including perceptual and cognitive intelligence covering speech recognition, speaker recognition, neural speech synthesis, face recognition, computer vision, OCR/form understanding, natural language processing, machine translation, and business decision services. Most AI features appeared in Microsoft’s own products and services (Bing, Office, Teams, Xbox, and Windows) are powered by Azure Cognitive Services.

Azure Blockchain Workbench

Blockchain Workbench, Microsoft is providing the required infrastructure to set up a consortium network in multiple topologies using a variety of consensus mechanisms. Microsoft provides integration from these blockchain platforms to other Microsoft services to streamline the development of distributed applications.


Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is a line of SUBSCRIPTION services offered by MICROSOFT It is clear that running automated and manual processes over on-site hardware and servers is expensive and inefficient. So, how does a business overcome this challenge? Does the cloud infrastructure meet the computing, speed, and security requirements? Is scalable? Is it cost effective? The answer, as astounding as it seems is a yes. TTBS has partnered with Microsoft Azure, with its superior cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and offers service assurance and 24/7 support.


From simplifying internal processes to boosting productivity, Microsoft 365 unlocks the potential of your employees and technology.


                                                   Handles multiple service subscriptions 

                                                               Enables work from any device

                                                               Secures and defends digital infrastructure

                                                        Cross-collaboration across the application 



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